Thursday May 25, 2017

Brennan Testimony Meant Nothing

Old news and nothing new Click Here for Story

Did You Know? Post-Water Crisis, Fed and State Money Pours Into Flint

  Since the water crisis was uncovered in 2015, state and federal dollars have been rushing into the Genesee County city — a total of $347 million so far.  … more

Patio Pups

Michigan Senate votes to allow dogs on outdoor patios of restaurants? Click Here for Details

Congressional Blackmail?

Report: Congressional aides fear former IT workers are blackmailing Democratic House membersCongressional aides worry Democrat House members may be blackmailed by fired IT workers Click Here for Story

No Border Tax?

Ryan: House could pass bill that doesn't include border taxHouse could pass tax reform without border tax Click Here for Details

Measles Exposure

Unvaccinated child may have exposed airline passengers to Measles Click Here for Story

Spy Master

Obama Admin was spying on Americans like never before Click Here for Details

Trauma Drama Fades

Anxiety over Trump seems to be fading Click Here for Story and Video

We Told YOU SO

 Gates says expect more attacks as terrorists pose as refugees Click Here for Details

More House Cleaning Needed in DC?

US National Security Advisor Lieutenant-General H.R. McMaster Some members of security and intel establishment still won’t admit Islam is connected to terrorism Click Here for Story

Kurd Independence

‘Not if, but when’: US intel chief says Kurdish secession from Iraq imminentJust a matter of time before Kurds secede from Iraq Click Here for Details

Build That Wall

Trump budget has money for wall and cops Click Here for Story

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