Thursday May 3, 2018

Gone Too Far

Rod Rosenstein Robert Mueller Mark Meadows Jim JordanJustice Department refuses to hand over information to Congress Click Here for Details  And Here for More Info

Bomb Threat at Lincoln High School

Way past time to more severely punish those who threaten schools Click Here for Story

Bill Bringing State Closer To Ending Asset Forfeiture Abuse Advances in Michigan

The Michigan House Judiciary Committee voted 8-1 with one member voting present on Tuesday to advance to the full House the main bill of a civil asset forfeiture reform legislative package. … more

MEDC Is a Moth to a Failure Flame

 Suniva, Inc. collected more than $1 million in taxpayer subsidies and filed for bankruptcy in 2017. … more

Supporting the Second

Students plan another national walkout — to support the Second AmendmentStudents walk out to support the Constitution’s 2nd Amendment Click Here for Story

Stupid Question

Former attorney asks why 2016 election can’t be turned over? Click Here for Story

Mueller Out of Bounds

Alan Dershowitz tells POTUS to challenge any subpoena from Mueller Click Here for Details and Video

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