Thursday May 9, 2013

Be On The Lookout

Suspects on the loose but Identified in Abduction Click Here for Photos and Story

Hunters and Fisherman Beware

Out of state groups want to remove your rights Click Here for Details

SEIU Tries to Continue Dues Scheme

Leaked document maps out ‘dues skim’ plan

By Jarrett Skorup | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

The agency used as the “employer” of home-based caregivers who were forced into a union claims it was never the employer. So why does the SEIU maintain otherwise? Because if the union admits the Michigan Quality Community Care Council is not the employer, the unionization would not be legal. … more

Taxpayer Funded Films Flop With Viewers

Taxpayer advocate: ‘Economic health is not created when people’s labor is used to make things nobody wants’

By Tom Gantert | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

When the movie “Love and Honor” was filmed in Ann Arbor in 2011, it received statewide media attention. But when it was released, the film was more like its original working title, “AWOL.”  … more

The Truth On Benghazi Emerges

Obama Admin and State Dept aren’t looking good from new testimony Click Here for Details

 Gregory Hicks embarrassed by Benghazi attack being blamed on YouTube video (A must see)

Play video below


The Cover Up Continues?

Pentagon won’t release documents to Congressman Click Here for Details

We Do Not Have Control Over Our Border?

No scientific method for establishing how many are entering the country illegally Click Here for Story

Obama Admin Blocking Other Witnesses?

Lawyer for 4th Benghazi witness being hobbled by slow security clearances Click Here for Details

The Truth of a Liberal Education?

Another Professor caught brainwashing students on campus Click Here for Video

Gun Crime Has Plummeted

But the media wants you to think otherwise Click Here for Details

More Hidden Flaws in Immigration Bill

Millions get immediate entry Click Here for Story


17 Nuclear Launch Officers removed from duty at Air Force launch positions Click Here for Details




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