Thursday May 9, 2019

How The IG Report Is Zeroing In

How and why was Steele Dossier used? Click Here for Details

Michigan’s Insurance Problem

Why so high? Click Here for Details

College Pays $75 Fine For Illegal Electioneering

President used taxpayer-funded equipment to ask for $7.1 million tax hike

Tuition Talks At Wealthy Public School District

Birmingham says ‘No’ to students from nearby districts, unless they bring tuition payments

The Disgusting Left

Image result for brian simsPro-Choice disgrace causes pro-life backlash Click Here for Story

Told You So?

Iran to stop complying with parts of nuclear dealIran will now openly stop complying on nuke deal Click Here for Details

Democrats Hold Barr in Contempt?

Because he WON’T break the law for them? Click Here for Story

Time to Move On

 two years of Mueller showed no collusion but Democrats can’t move on Click Here for Details

Biden Hurting China Talks

Democrats supporting China makes it hard for US to get a trade deal Click Here for Story

Eco Scare Mongers

How Leftists are trying to scare America and the west with climate scam Click Here for Details

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