Thursday November 1, 2018

Playing the Leftists?

MSM and the left go berserk over birth-rite citizenship Click Here for Story

Ann Arbor Locking Up The Birds – Bird Scooters, That is

College towns nationwide trying to decide: Go with the flow or say ‘No’

Cities and Suburbs Should Grow Together

The fastest growing areas gain residents in both cities and suburbs

The Truth to Why the Left Hates the Electoral College

Its preventing them from taking full control of the nation Click Here for Details

Fake Protests?

Was protests of POTUS in Pittsburgh contrived by the left? Click Here for Story

Who To Blame for Mass Emigration?

The states that have let it happen Click Here for Details

Border Surge

Even before caravan arrival illegal border crossings skyrocket Click Here for Details

Why Joe Donnelly is Bad

Insults his own minority staff? Click Here for Details

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