Thursday November 15, 2018

Democrats Don’t Want to Protect the Border

Senator Schumer wants to limit wall funding to just $1.6 Billion? Click Here for Details and Video


Creepy Porn Lawyer Avenatti arrested for Domestic Violence Click Here for Story

See What You Voted For Michigan?

New Secretary of State sponsored by George Soros wants to end the Electoral College? Click Here for Details and Video

Blame the Media

Poll says 72% of Americans blame the media for dividing America Click Here for Story

Obama EPA’s U.P. Road Block May Be Heading To U.S. Supreme Court

It’s really about a mine Click Here for Story

Ridiculous Left

MSM guest says Trump would refuse to leave office is he lost in 2020? Click Here for Story

Stopping the Leftist Nonsense

DOJ defends Whitaker's appointment as constitutionalDOJ will defend interim appointment of Whitaker Click Here for Details

Caravan Busting the Border

First group busses in early Click Here for Story

The Man Who Would be Chief?

Can Nick Ayers fill the shoes? Click Here for Details

Fox Joins the Leftist MSM

Backs CNN’s lawsuit over the loss of Acosta’s press pass Click Here for Story


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