Thursday November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Image result for thanksgiving  And remember to thank our Troops, First Responders and Veterans!

Big Release

Michigan DNR releases thousands of Muskies into Michigan lakes Click Here for Details

Some Thanksgiving History…

Image result for fdr  You may not know this about Thanksgiving Click Here for Story

Lawmakers Rushing Through Special Tax Breaks

For years, bipartisan majorities of Republicans and Democrats approved massive tax credits to select corporations and industries. These credits have caused a nearly $9 billion hole in the state budget. This hole is crushing citizens who must now pay higher taxes for an increasing state budget to fund basic government services such as road maintenance. … more

Russian Pilot Update

Rescued pilot of the Russian Air Force's Su-24 jet, Captain Konstantin Murakhtin, center, answers journalists' questions at Khmeimim Air Base in Latakia. © Dmitriy Vinogradov  One Russian pilot survived shoot down says there were no warnings Click Here for Story

Seeing the Stupidity

  Even Democrats are beginning to oppose Obama’s Climate Change agenda Click Here for Details

The Most Dangerous Year

IS the worst of Obama still to come? Click Here for Story  link by Pgh Expat

Let’s Hope So

Obama says no credible threats against US for Thanksgiving Click Here for Story and Video

Immigration Changed this Swedish Village

Terrified: Children like these have been caught up in tensions between locals and migrants in Tärnsjö, where stones have been thrown and cars set alight - as well as insults hurled at children on their way to school  Small peaceful town now filled with violence Click Here for Details

Global Warming? Not in Antarctica

Heimdal Glacier in southern Greenland, in an image captured on Oct. 13, 2015, from NASA Langley Research Center's Falcon 20 aircraft flying 33,000 fee  NASA says the Antarctic has been cooling for 6 years straight Click Here for Story

Switzerland Bans the Burqa

Swiss vote blows burqas away Click Here for Details

US Planning on Bringing Many Muslims In

Over 680,000 coming to US Click Here for Story and Video

ISIS Radicalizing Americans

Ahmad Musa Jibril (screenshot)   New report says thousands are being radicalized Click Here for Details




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