Thursday November 29, 2018

Stopping the Never Trumpers

Republicans block RINO Flake and Dems from protecting the Mueller scam Click Here for Details

Uncritical Media, Politicians Once Touted Chevy Volt As Saving Detroit

Stabenow in 2010: ‘Production of the Volt will help strengthen Michigan’s clean-energy economy’

70 Percent Of Michigan Schools Outsource Noncore Services 

 The number doubled from 2001 to 2014, but then stopped rising

Don’t Blame Trump for GM Layoffs

Despite MSM and the Left’s allegations it’s not the President’s fault Click Here for Story

Brainwashing Your Kids

Drag queen story hours for children designed to ‘groom the next generation,’ one drag queen admitsDrag Queen admits she’s grooming the next generation Click Here for Story

GM Layoffs Has Ripple Effects

Can new tariffs be put in place? Click Here for Details and Video

Mueller Investigation In Trouble

 Is Special Counsel running out of scamming options? Click Here for Details

Carbon Tax Still a Possibility?

Horrible bill would support the global warming scam Click Here for Details

Hiding the Climate Report?

Alleged climate study still not posted? Click Here for Story

Will Fed Slow Its Interest Rate Rise?

Comments for the Fed Chair Click Here for Story



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