Thursday November 6, 2014


Governor Snyder’s Priority

Fixing the roads but at what price? Click Here for Details

Bills Would Limit Wind Turbine Lawsuits

Industrial wind turbines are supposed to produce energy. But they have also been producing lawsuits over issues such as noise and the associated negative health impacts they allegedly have on residents. … more

In Great Lakes States, Union Retribution Fizzles

GOP Governors who challenged Big Labor all returned to office

In December of 2012, in the aftermath of Michigan’s Republican Legislature passing a right-to-work law, thousands of union members from around the state participated in a teleconference where their leaders promised “retribution” against the GOP. It didn’t happen. … more

No Changes

President Obama unrepentant after losing control of Senate     Obama makes no plans to listen to the people and change his agenda Click Here for Details and Video

Telling Us How He Feels

Eric Holder email reveals his disdain for Congress Click Here for Story

Finding Distance

Hillary tries to distance herself from Obama Click Here for Story

Beaten to Death

Pakistani couple beaten to death for being Christian Click Here for Details

Suspected Ebola Carriers Triples

Number of people now under active monitoring triples in New York Click Here for Details

US Bombings in Syria Widens

Some rebels not happy Click Here for Story

 Senate GOP Vow to Stop Obama Amnesty

Ted Cruz and Mike LeeThreaten procedural war in Senate if Harry Reid doesn’t work to help stop executive amnesty Click Here for Details

No Sharia in Alabama

1st state to ban implementation of foreign laws Click Here for Story

And Here’s a Good Example of Why

      UK jihadists pushing Sharia law on everyone Click Here for Video

Now What?

New GOP majority has some problems to face Click Here for Details








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