Thursday October 10, 2019 The Daily Drift

Turn Out the Lights

California shuts off power to 34 California counties Click Here for Story

Make in the USA

UAW wants GM to make all cars in the US Click Here for Details

540 Apply For One Teaching Opening, Zero For Six Others

Union contract provisions narrow candidates for some of 184 open positions

Out of Touch with Reality

Hillary Clinton thinks she won the 2016 election Click Here for Story

Impeachment In Name Only?

House Dems won’t hold vote, Senate says its a no go anyway and Admin won’t cooperate Click Here for Details  Liberal Media Heads Explode Click Here

Real or Warmongering?

Is Turkey going to target Kurd civilians or is the media pushing for endless war? Click Here for Story

Obama IS Guilty?

 Obama knew and/or instructed the investigation into Trump campaign? Click Here for Details

Love Lost

China now tearing down NBA signage in Shanghai Click Here for Story

Dems Usurping the Impeachment Process

3rd world optics for the Democrats Click Here for Details



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