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The Bureaucratic Swamp

The permanent Bureaucrat and Political class is destroying America Click Here for Story

Permanent Ceasefire in Syria?

Turkey agrees to full ceasefire? Click Here for Details  And the President Tells Why America shouldn’t be there now Click Here for Story and Video

American Troops Weren’t Stopping Turkey

 US Envoy testifies the Turks were going into Syria no matter what? Click Here for Story

Public Servants Should Deliver More Than a List of Adjectives

Cheerleading a program without providing evidence is not enough

63 Million Racists?

Liberal Michael Moore likens Trump supporters to Apartheid supporters Click Here for Story

Flint Schools Back In Debt After One Year Hiatus

District may have overspent budget after finally paying off past debt last year


Republicans House members finally storm Democrat closed hearings Click Here for Details

 Robbing America

Federal programs are merely wealth “transfers” and of course the Feds take their “cut” Click Here for Details

Its Not Impeachment

(INSET: Adam Schiff) A top U.S. diplomat, William Taylor, departs the Capitol after testifying in the Democrats' impeachment investigation of President Donald Trump, in Washington, Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2019. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite) Rep Adam Schiff is hiding info that would show the Ukraine story is just another Russian Hoax Click Here for Details

This Is What Democrats Do in DC

Democrat House Rep did what to her aide? Click Here for Story


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