Thursday October 25, 2018

Let the False Flags Begin

With Democrats feeling the heat on elections all of a sudden they are getting bomb threats and packages? Click Here for Details

Detroit Has How Many Illegals Registered to Vote?

Election fraud is alive and well in Detroit Michigan Click Here for Details

The Kavanaugh Effect

GOP candidates do better after Democrats show uncivil behavior Click Here for Story

MEGA Pay Day

One winner for Mega Millions jackpot Click Here for Details

Soros Trying to Ruin Texas

Wants Texas to be like California by funding migrant caravans Click Here for Story

GOP WILL Protect Pre-Existing Conditions

POTUS assures that those with pre-existing conditions are not at risk with end of Obamacare Click Here for Details

This IS Socialism

Suicide skyrocket in hopeless Venezuela Click Here for Story

Pompeo on Caravan

Caravan will NOT cross into the US Click Here for Details



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