Thursday October 30, 2014

 U of M 14th in the World?

    Top honors for University of Michigan Click Here for Story

New Life for Empty School

Will a Pinckney Elementary school get a new life? Click Here for Details

Union Members Used School Email to Promote School Board Candidates

Livonia superintendent says it was a mistake

The superintendent of Livonia Public Schools said it was a mistake that an email signed by district employees supporting four candidates for school board went to district employees at their work email addresses. Two district employees who are leaders in the Livonia Education Association signed the email. … more

A ‘Silver Lining’ to Potholes?

The idea that simply spending money is good without regard to the value produced is relatively common. The best rejoinder comes from an 1850 essay by 19th century French political theorist Frédéric Bastiat. … more

Promoting Fraud   LaRaza, an illegal immigrant activist group publishes where to vote illegally Click Here for Details

Mandatory Quarantine

US troops will face mandatory quarantine upon returning from service in Africa Click Here for Details

Rocket Explosion

Unmanned rocket explosion caught on film Click Here for Story

Inappropriate and Unprofessional

            White House official’s comments make relations with Israel even worse Click Here for Story

Dems Want Internet Control

   Can only maintain power by regulating the political free speech on the internet Click Here for Story

Australia Bans Travel from West Africa

Ebola stricken countries get restriction Click Here for Details

Not to be Trusted

                   Dr. with Ebola lied about his travels ? Click Here for Story

No Common Sense

   Nurse refsuing to follow quarantine rules Click Here for Details

Beheading in New York

Victim and Killer both dead Click Here for Story

US Envoy Says What?!?

Gen. John Allen  To defeat ISIS we must acknowledge deep respect for Islam? Click Here for Details

End of Quantitative Easing?

Federal Reserve Chairman Janet L. Yellen. (AFP Photo/Darren McCollester)    The Fed ends bond buying? Click Here for Story


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