Thursday September 13, 2018

Democrats Don’t Get It

Majority of voters oppose impeachment Click Here for Story

Detroit Charters Nab Top 10 Average Student Body SAT Scores

‘The scoreboard doesn’t lie’

Free Speech or Government Speech?

New bills would increase government oversight

Abandoned aid in Puerto Rico

Millions of water bottles left sitting on runway in Puerto Rico since last yearFEMA delivered but local authorities failed? Click Here for Story

Vulgar Democrats

GOP senators condemn 'vulgar' messages directed at Collins over KavanaughGOP Senators defend Senator Susan Collins on Kavanaugh issue Click Here for Details

Thank Trump and the Republicans

Middle Class incomes hit all time high Click Here for Story

Democrats and Media Promoting Violence

Rhetoric is amping up attacks on conservatives and Trump supporters Click Here for Details

False Flag on Chemical Weapons Use?

IS Syria going to use chemical weapons or is someone else pushing it? Click Here for Details

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