Thursday September 19, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Score for Climate Scammers?  Zero

Not one climate doomsday scenario has come true Click Here for Details

Michigan Vape Ban

What to know  Click Here for Story  and Click Here for Full Rules 

State Law Restricting New Clinics May Limit Promising Cancer Treatment

Critic accuses health care rationing commission of mission creep

Economy Strong

Fed Chair says no  worries about a crash Click Here for Story

Michigan’s Roads Appear Middling-To-Poor, Not The Nation’s Worst

It depends on who you ask

Influencing the Election

James Comey wants to try and influence the 2020 election? Click Here for Story

Spendaholic Sanders

Sanders unveils $2.5 trillion 'Housing for All' plan Another wild and extreme spending scheme from Democrat candidate Bernie Sanders Click Here for Details

How Was It Missed

Saudi and American forces missed Iranian attack on Saudi Arabia Click Here for Story

Joe “The GaffeMaster”  Biden’s Latest Blunder

Says his child tax credit will put 720 million women to work?? Click Here for Details

New Sanctions on Iran

Trump Admin ratchets up more sanctions on terror state Click Here for Story

New National Security Adviser?

Trump Picks Hostage Negotiator O'Brien as National Security AdviserAdministration picks replacement for Bolton Click Here for Details

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