Thursday September 20, 2018

No Testimony No Probe

Kavanaugh accuser won’t testify Click Here for Details

Jeff Sessions

Is Sessions a sleeper or just a swamp dweller Click Here for Story

Whitmer Approved $4.51 Billion In Corporate Handouts, Denounces Opponents’ ‘Giveaways’

Dem candidate for governor says she may ‘unleash’ more if elected

Choice Satisfies Most Parents, Appeals to Most Voters

New surveys highlight favorable experiences, need for more options

Smarter Than We Thought?

Maybe not so brainwashed? Liberal students admit good economy because of Trump? Click Here for Details

McConnell Knows

  Dems are just deploying the ultimate in delays with pathetic allegations Click Here for Story

Even Moscow Mika Knows

Ford’s failure to testify means she’s lying Click Here for Details and Video

Deep State Disgrace

Bureaucrats think they can’t get fired Click Here for Story and Video

Hmmm Farm Workers Leave Union?

Workers voted out their union 5 to 1 but state regulators withheld the information Click Here for Story



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