Thursday September 26, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Take Guess Who the Whistle Blower Is?

DOJ admits whistle blower is obviously partisan Click Here for Details

But Wait There’s More…

Democrats also asked Ukraine to investigate JUST LAST YEAR! Click Here for Story  link contributed by Joe Leonard

POTUS Never Asked Barr to Contact Ukraine

Phone call is a dud for Dems other than theater Click Here for Details

Yes, Michigan’s Right-to-Work Law Has Hurt the UAW

Many people are exercising their right to leave the union

Senate Democrat Gets Chance To Oppose Corporate Subsidies, Takes It

Minority Leader Jim Ananich earlier blasted ‘a pot of money being held hostage by corporate accountants’

Not Fit for Congress

Rep Rashida Tlaib can’t even do a hearing on vaping right Click Here for Story

No Support for the Squad

 Little Dem support in Michigan and Minnesota for freshmen Tlaib and Omar Click Here for Details

Democrats Are Embarrassing Themselves

Ukraine story is just another attempt to undo the 2016 election by the Democrats and Never Trumpers Click Here for Details

Sorry Joe?

 Giuliani says Democrats are putting Joe Biden into a spotlight he doesn’t need Click Here for Story



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