Thursday September 27, 2018

Kavanaugh’s Proof

Judge Kavanaugh provides info to Senate Click Here for Details

Senate to Discuss PFAS

The latest water contamination problem is getting US Senate attention Click Here for Story

20,000 Construction Jobs From Detroit Arena? That’s The Total For All Wayne County

Economist: Watch the fine print, figure may include coffee vendors

How Much Will the Repeal of Prevailing Wage Save Taxpayers in Michigan? 

It’s complicated, but a reasonable estimate is in the hundreds of millions

Even The Dems Know They’re Accusations are Problematic

Attorney for second Kavanaugh accuser can’t deny a major problem with her claimAttorney for Kavanaugh accuser has a problem Click Here for Story

King of Hearsay

Avenatti’s new client has nothing but “Someone said?” Click Here for Details

The People Know

Despite many fake polls American public think GOP keeps us safer and more prosperous Click Here for Details

Media IS the Enemy of the People

MSM is siding with foreign countries over the US Click Here for Details

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