Thursday September 28, 2017

When In Doubt Do It Yourself?

GOP failures on Obamacare may leave POTUS to do an executive action Click Here for Story


Mackinac Island is Michigan’s 5th most violent city? Click Here for Details

How a Private Arts Festival Thrives

 People like art. That’s good — it’s something that should be treasured and shared widely. But politicians have often taken that to mean government should subsidize it. … more

22 Percent Of Students In Michigan Use Public Charters Or ‘Schools Of Choice’

 Public school choice in Michigan has become increasingly popular in the past five years. More and more, parents are choosing to place their children in either a public charter school or a school district other than the one to which they are assigned by their residential address. … more

NFL Boycott

DirecTV offering refunds for NFL Sunday Ticket in wake of players’ national anthem protests Direct TV offers refunds to customers offended by NFL kneeling for the National Anthem Click Here for Details

Trump Tax Plan

Savings for all? Click Here for Story

Pain in Mitch’s Butt?

Would be Alabama Senator Moore may be a big problem for Mitch McConnell Click Here for Details

Terror Drones?

FBI warns that attacks using drones is coming Click Here for Details

The Stupidity of Europe

European Parliament invites former hijack as guest Click Here for Story

Establishment Losing

Despite millions spent on Strange the people licked Moore Click Here for Details

To The Moon!

Russia & US to create new space station in moon’s orbitRussia and US plan joint space station in lunar orbit Click Here for Story

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