Tuesday April 14, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Exposing Bill Gates…

Rober Kennedy Jr. unleashes on Bill Gates and his vaccine scheme ? Click Here for Story

The Toughest Decision

POTUS weighs re-opening of the nation to avoid the death of businesses Click Here for Details

IRS Checks Start

First round of stimulus money begins Click Here for Story

Restaurant, Bar Shutdown Closes His Trivia Night Business – ‘Dire To The Utmost’ 

Lost livelihoods percolating through the economy

Faulty Fauci

Add an overestimate to Dr Fauci’s mistake laden performance over the last 4 months Click Here for Details

Trouble in Bernie Town

Bernie Sanders endorses Biden but don’t expect his staff or his followers to Click Here for Story and Video


Who are the real morons of the pandemic? Click Here for Story

Losing Liberty?

An overblown pandemic is destroying what America built? Click Here for Details

Fauci Pushing Democrat Agenda?

Says in person voting could be dangerous in the fall? Click Here for Story

Friends and Enemies

During times of tribulation and viral pandemic you’ll know who values you and your freedoms and who doesn’t Click Here for Story

Vaccine Update

Many vaccines in the works for Covid-19 Click Here for Story

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