Tuesday April 16, 2019

The Burning of Notre Dame

Image result for notre dame burns  Most iconic Catholic Church in the world devastated by fire Click Here for Details

Mueller Report Out Thursday

Could we see the report this week? Click Here for Story

A Steady Decline for Unions Under Michigan’s Right-to-Work Law

The birthplace of the modern labor movement finds workers increasingly opting out

Project Gets $100,000 Taxpayer Subsidy, Creates Zero Jobs, Firm Returns Just $26,000

Officials had boasted ‘additional good-paying jobs for years to come’

Republican Cher?

Celebrity makes Republican common sense argument against illegals Click Here for Story

Buttigieg’s Secret

What lingers in audio tapes from lawsuit Click Here for Details

Graham’s Plan

  Senator Grahams plans to introduce immigration bill Click Here for Story

Apology Needed

Principal apologizes to student for MAGA hat incident Click Here for Details

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