Tuesday April 2, 2019

Damage Done

Mueller investigation harmed US foreign policy Click Here for Story

Detroit Lawmaker Would Repeal City’s Post-Bankruptcy Financial Oversight

Critic: ‘Lawmakers shouldn’t act like the city’s problems are over’

Another Day, Another Union Scandal

Flower fund scandal now under federal investigation

Australia Goes Full Facist?

Threatens facebook and twitter media execs with jail time for violent content Click Here for Details

Border Closure?

Is it coming? Click Here for Story

Heart of Stone

Mick Jagger getting heart operation Click Here for Details

Chinese Lasers

Photos show Chinese anti satellite base Click Here for Story

Modern Stone Age

  Brunei goes extreme with Islamic code Click Here for Story

Proof Gun Bans Won’t Work

New Zealand gang leaders says they won’t give up their guns Click Here for Details

We Need Justice

Hold Hillary accountable for Russian collusion hoax Click Here for Story



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