Tuesday April 24, 2018

Toronto Terror?

9 people mowed down in Toronto Click Here for Story

Travel Ban Heads to Supreme Court

SCOTUS will take up the President’s travel ban Click Here for Details

Arbitrary Michigan Licensing Laws: Auto Mechanic vs. Makeup Artist

 Occupational licenses are pitched as a necessity to protect the health and safety of citizens. But they rarely perform their function, and the state has no requirement that policymakers evaluate new and existing licenses.  … more

Caught in Hypocrisy

Watch: College students bash Trump for sending troops to border — then learn Obama did same thingCollege students have no idea what they talk about?  Click Here for Story

Can GOP Pull Together

And will Democrats obstruct to prevent Pompeo appointment? Click Here for Details

Left Gets Triggered by Kanye

Supportive tweet by Kanye West for a conservative sparks backlash by intolerant leftists Click Here for Story

Let There be Justice

 Will Andrew McCabe face the same penalties for lying to the FBI as General Flynn? Click Here for Details

Persecuting Christians

Islamic State attacks forcing Christians from Pakistani city Click Here for Story


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