Tuesday April 28, 2015

Breaking: Baltimore Explodes

Image result for baltimore riots    Race riots bring threats against cops and non-African Americans Click Here for Details

Make Your No Vote Count?

Low turnout expected for Proposal 1 giant tax increase Click Here for Details

As Obamacare is Implemented, Part-Time Jobs at All-Time High

    By Tom Gantert |Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Part-time employment in the U.S. has remained steady at a record-level 27 million jobs for the last five years, raising questions about how much of a role Obamacare has played in the rise of part-time workers. … more

Michigan’s Obamacare Medicaid Expansion Exceeds Projections by 22 Percent

    By Jack McHugh|Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

More able-bodied adults have signed up for Medicaid under the Obamacare expansion in the first three months than were estimated to join for the entire year. … more

Abolish the IRS

Ted Cruz tells how Click Here for Story

Iranian General’s Outrageous Comments

Image result for 9/11      He blames who for the 9/11 attacks? Click Here for Details and Video

 Hit by Avalanche in Everest Basecamp 25.04.2015

Play video below

Not Doing Their Job

Few Legislators are looking at secret trade pact text Click Here for Story

Baltimore Riots

Baltimore riotsMedia ignoring who is instigating it Click Here for Details

Conspiracy against cops? Click Here for Story

George W. Bush Speaks Out

<p>Hold the applause.</p>  Photographer: Alex Wong/Getty Images    Former President has been silent long enough on Obama failures in Middle East Click Here for Story

Robo Cop?

In Dubai? Click Here for Details

Scientists Warn Pope Against Climate Scam

Open letter advises Pope to get the real facts and not side with activists touting bad science Click Here for Story

China Persecuting Christians Too?

Wikimedia Commons   It’s not just the Middle East that is making Christians unwelcome Click Here for Details


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