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Not Opening Has a Huge Cost

Ruining an economy over Covid19 is not acceptable Click Here for Detail

Now is the Time to Start Downsizing ISDs

Education bureaucracies should take brunt of looming budget hit

Not Dead?

North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un has reportedly died, or is on ... Kim Jong Un is still alive according to reports Click Here for Details

Democrats Use Crisis to Push Next Socialist Step

Pelosi wants minimum guratanteed income Click Here for Story

Dems Pushing for Another Obama Presidency?

Using Netflix to launch a Michelle Obama run? Click Here for Details

Spending Boom

Pelosi tells state and local governments they will get money Click Here for Story

Cuomo Orders Killed the Elderly?

No, Andrew Cuomo Isn't the Hero We Need Forcing nursing homes to take Covid patients may have cost seniors their lives Click Here for Details

Covid Has Been Hyped

Not as dangerous as you think when you look at the facts Click Here for Story

Space- X Passes Next Step

spacex founder elon musk stands with his arms folded before a large billboard of his spacex rocket Crucial step now completed for Elon Musk’s space group Click Here for Details

More Info On Using Light to Kill Virus

Soviets used it routinely Click Here for Story

Iranian Threats

Never out of the limelight for long Iran touts its American targets Click Here for Details

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