Tuesday April 5, 2016

Its Your Duty

Serving as a juror is your responsibility Click Here for Details

Cruz Shows He’s Dirty Establishment

Playing the delegate game like an elitist Washington insider Click Here for Details

Ban Closing a Detroit School, No Matter How Bad?

  Democrats in the Michigan Senate tried to make it so failing public schools in Detroit can stay open longer. … more

Hung Supreme Court Delays Freedom for Public Employees

   What’s the impact on right-to-work protections for public employees after the Supreme Court’s 4-4 ruling? It’s complicated. … more

The Spoiler

Kasich says open convention will be “fun” Click Here for Story and Video

This IS The New World Order

Global elites outed via “Panama Papers” Click Here for Story

Clinton Scandal

 The email / server issue is real and should have consequences Click Here for Details

Cruz Can’t Win?

Stealing delegates is his only hope? Click Here for Story

Appeasing Islam

Air France tells female airline attendents must wear Muslim clothing Click Here for Details

Would Sanders Walk with His Votes

Scott Olson/Getty ImagesCould Dems lose votes if they ignore Bernie Sanders? Click Here for Story

From the Science Side…

© Stefan Wermuth  Using micro-bots to cure cancer Click Here for Details

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