Tuesday August 1, 2017

Quick Change?

Scaramucci out as White House Communication Director Click Here for Story

Michigan Senate Race

Who Leads who in Michigan’s 2018 Senate Race Click Here for Details

Why Michigan Pension Reform Matters

 The passage of the 2017 public school pension reform is a transformational change for Michigan. The new reform places Michigan at the forefront of states that have gotten a grip on out-of-control government employee legacy costs. … more

Rooting Out Suspected Bias A Full-Time Job At U-M

 The University of Michigan has posted a job opening for a full-time position called a “bias incident prevention and response coordinator” that will pay between $46,000 and $57,000 annually. … more

One Task Tony

Bombshell report claims that Scaramucci was hired for one reason only — hence his hasty departureWas Scaramucci hired for one task only? Click Here for Details

Deep State Changing Rules

Unmasking by deep state is unacceptable over reach of power Click Here for Story

Traitor John

Senator McCain was lobbied successfully by Foot in Mouth Joe Biden Click Here for Details

UN IS Useless

No sense in having another UN meeting on North Korea Click Here for Story

Hold Congress Accountable

 Trump eyes forcing Congress’s hand on Obamacare by withholding subsidies Click Here for Details

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