Tuesday August 14, 2018


FBI fires Peter Strzok Click Here for Details and Video

Municipal Governments Blame State For Their Property Tax Hikes

A presumption that state assistance should only go up

Abusive Ellison

DNC co-chair Keith Ellison hit with major abuse allegations days before important primary electionDNC co-chair hit with domestic abuse allegations Click Here for Story

Google Tracking You

How deep does this tracking go? Real deep Click Here for Details

The Democrat Agenda?

 Just get Trump nothing else Click Here for Story

Who Could Be Behind the Tesla Privatization Move?

Elon MuskMaybe its the Saudis looking to help Elon Musk Click Here for Story

The Real Collusion

DNC contractor Fusion GPS was representing the Kremlin? Click Here for Story

Unions Fight SCOTUS Appointment

SEIU lobbying hard against Kavanaugh  for SCOTUS Click Here for Details

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