Tuesday August 20, 2013

Medical Marijuana Conference

A2 hosts medical marijuana conference this weekend Click Here for Details

Can You Help Catch Armed Robber?

Police look for man who robbed Hungry Howie’s on Grand River Click Here for Story

Regulatory Roadblocks Hurt the Poor

By Jarrett Skorup | Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

When people hear the terms “capitalism” or “free markets,” often their first thought is that these are systems mostly benefiting the wealthy. In fact, the evidence suggests that it is actually the poor who gain the most from economic freedom. … more

Union Rewards Teachers With Days Off For Giving Money To Union PAC

Superintendent condemns practice; GOP lawyer says it’s illegal

By Tom Gantert |Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

The Rockford Education Association union says it rewards teachers who give money to support political candidates with “personal days off,” a practice the superintendent of the west Michigan school district says he would “never, ever condone.” … more

RINO in Chief?

Moderate Scott Brown considers a Presidential run? Click Here for Details

Protecting a Child Predator?

Teachers face problems after standing up for a convicted pedophile fellow teacher Click Here for Story

War Crimes?

Islamic Extremists Execute 25 Egyptian Police Officers Click Here for Details

Egyptians Call Out Obama

See Obama get blamed for supporting the Muslim Brotherhood Click Here for Pics

White House Knew About Reporter Detention

Advance notice given to White House Click Here for Details

Saudis Will Support Egypt

If US cuts aid Saudi Arabia will make it up Click Here for Story

Losing from the Left

More Hollywood disdain for Obama Click Here for Details

Regulation Overload Killing US Economy?

Obama Admin has overseen greatest expansion of regulations? Click Here for Story

Not Happy?

Russia threatens to tighten borders if Ukraine joins the EU? Click Here for Details


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