Tuesday August 21, 2018

Warner Hiding

Senator Mark Warner looks to protect the Deep State Click Here for Story

Michigan Drug Overdoses

Check out by county Click Here for Details

Gubernatorial Candidates In Glass Houses On Corporate Handouts

AFL-CIO chief denounces Republican candidate for favoring corporations, but Democratic candidate gave away far more

Import 3rd World Become 3rd World

Measles cases in Europe spike to 10-year high, make a comeback following anti-vaccination campaignsMeasles making a comeback in Europe do to influx of immigration from 3rd world Click Here for Story

Still No Manafort Verdict

Manafort jury finishes third day with no verdict3rd day of deliberations and no verdict Click Here for Details

South African Racism

White farmer’s land now being seized Click Here for Story¬†and Video

Liberals Eating Each Other

nancy-pelosi-david-hogg-1David Hogg tells Nancy Pelosi to move out Click Here for Details

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