Tuesday August 27, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Back to The table

China ready to get negotiating on Trade Click Here for Details

Hiring Substitute Teachers Burdens School Budgets

Teachers in these districts missed 13.7 to 16.4 days last year

Why AOC Should Leave Congress

Holocaust survivor says her concentration camp comments are terrible Click Here for Details

Be Outraged

Big tech wants social credit scores for America too? Click Here for Details

Solving the Race Issue

 Candace Owens has a solution Click Here for Story

Meet with Iranians

Trump Admin would meet with Iranians under certain conditions Click Here for Details

The Palestinian Hypocrites

Like to play victim while they victimize the gay community Click Here for Story

Phony Conservatives

Its not just losers like Joe Walsh hurting the conservative movement Click Here for Details

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