Tuesday August 7, 2018

Primary Day!! Remember to Vote!!

The Daily Drift is proud to endorse Patrick Colbeck for Michigan Governor

Pressuring Iran

Trump Admin imposes first sanctions in Iran since end of deal Click Here for Story

Superintendent Accused of Intimidation Against Recall Petition Signers

School board president promises zero tolerance for ‘retaliation or harassment’

Intolerance Gets Violent?

Man who threatens Congressman Scalise’s family found with weapons cache Click Here for Story


Michigan race shows two parties on different trajectoriesMichigan shows Dems and GOP on radically different paths Click Here for Details

Feinstein’s Chinese Spy

Senator’s driver was a Chinese spy for 20 years Click Here for Story and Video

No Collusion

If there was it would have been leaked by now Click Here for Details

Saudis Expel Canadian Ambassador

Canada pushes too far with Saudis Click Here for Story



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