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Congresswoman Slotkin Betrays Her Voters

Image result for elissa slotkin voting for impeachment  Freshman US Representative Elissa Slotkin promised voters she’d work with Trump but now sides with the  Pelosi Impeachment Sham Click Here for Story        And Here for More Info and voter reaction


Another Comey?

Alleged whistle blower is just another Elitist bureaucrat Click Here for Story

Persistent Accounting Failures Risk Benton Harbor Schools’ Federal Money

‘Control activities … inconsistent, ineffective, and in some cases, nonexistent’

Comey Admissions

There is no excuse for Former FBI Director’s actions Click Here for Details

Socialist Surge

Bernie gains ground in polling in Iowa over other Dems Click Here for Story

Watch The Comey Interview…

And be afraid for your rights America Click Here for Story

Seeing The Biased Media

Swing state Voters have no faith in media coverage for POTUS Click Here for Details

New Britain

The Conservative party in UK is now representing hard working Brits Click Here for Story


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