Tuesday December 18, 2018

What Did Mueller Hide?

What happened to Page and Strzok cell phones?  Click Here for Story

BOLO in Hartland Michigan

Be on the lookout for 3 armed assailants Click Here for Details

Township Clear-Cuts Its Own Trees; Fines Property Owners $450k For Removing Theirs

Local firm would replace its trees with Christmas tree farm, Canton Township replaced its own with piles of dirt

MSM is Wrong Again

Family of little girl who dies at border dispute the story being told by mainstream media Click Here for Story

Give US the Damn Wall

POTUS pushes for wall as Dems push for open borders Click Here for Story

Funny How That Works

One month after Democrats win the House the stock market tanks? Click Here for Details

How Iran Evades Sanctions

Boastful Iranians say they’ll teach others how to evade US sanctions Click Here for Story

Tell EU Goodbye

Boris Johnson tells the UK to prepare for a clean break from the European Union Click Here for Details



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