Tuesday December 27, 2016

Trumps Thoughts on UN

Trump moves to diminish the United Nations comes following vote condemning Israeli settlements. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, File) Just a fun club Click Here for Story

Detroit Schools Implosion Stumps Parents – And City Makes It Worse

A New York magazine reported that a family’s choice when their Detroit Public School closed was two other nearby district schools. All three schools were among the bottom 2 percent in the state. … more

Israel Calls Out Obama

Israel plans to release proof to Trump that Obama was behind controversial UN resolution Israel says Obama was behind UN resolution Click Here for Details

Children Appreciate the Value of Economic Freedom

It doesn’t take an economics degree to understand the value of growth, freedom and prosperity. … more

Iran’s Boeing Deal?

Iran says it's getting Boeing planes at half price Is Iran getting half off its planes through Boeing? Click Here for Story

Merkel in Trouble?

Far right party surges in polls Click Here for Details

Obama’s Fantasy

Says he could have beat Trump Click Here for Story

ABC Has Bad Priorities

Yasmin SeweidHate hoaxes are damaging Muslim integrity Click Here for Details


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