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New Years Eve

Breaking News: US Embassy Attacked

US soldiers fire tear gas onto protesters who broke into the compound as black smoke from fires set by the rioters billows into the air US Embassy in Iraq attacked by pro Iranian militia Click Here for Story

Wrong Joe Wrong

Image result for joe biden Joe Biden had criticized Texans right to carry guns to church Click Here for Story

Despite Non-Stop MSM Attacks…

Trump is still tied with Obama for most admired Click Here for Details

New Arms Race?

Hypersonic missiles are the newest weapon in the arms race Click Here for Story

Virginia Heating Up?

1576797275267 Massive 2nd Amendment Militia rally in January in Virginia Click Here for Details

MSM Downplaying Anti-Semitic Attacks

Because attackers weren’t white supremacists the media seems to not care about attacks on Jews Click Here for Story

Ukraine Israel and Russia

A totally different look at this relationship Click Here for Story

Democrats to Blame

Hatred is being stoked by Democrats not POTUS Click Here for Details

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