Tuesday February 11, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Taking Out Terrorists

POTUS and Admin are making the right call on killing terrorists Click Here for Story

Michigan Union Membership Reached Historic Low In 2019

Right-to-work law accelerated an ongoing trend

How Michigan Regulates Child Care Shows How Ineffective Licensing Laws Are

Many have arbitrary standards and mandates

Democrats Just Wrong on Impeachment

Constitutional Lawyer tells how Democrats are not following the Constitution? Click Here for Details

Justice Dept Is Open…

Barr: Justice has 'open door' to receiving information on Ukraine from Giuliani AG Barr says the Justice Department would receive info from Ukraine Click Here for Story

Foot In Mouth Joe

Biden lashes out with crazy language towards townhall participant Click Here for Details and Video

Not Hiding It

Buttigieg says he will be the MOST progressive President in 50 years. Like thats a good thing? Click Here for Details

More Fake News

CNN falsely reporting on Trump personnel moves Click Here for Details


West Point now teaching our warriors about toxic masculinity? Click Here for Story

Peace Through Strength

Trump Admin successfully uses time tested negotiation to bring Russia to the table Click Here for Details


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