Tuesday February 12, 2019 The Daily Drift

Up Again

Donald Trump is gaining ground in the nation's only daily presidential approval tracking poll, surging to 52 per cent – a higher level of popular support than he had on Election Day 2016 and his best poll showing since less than seven weeks into his presidencyPOTUS approval ratings hit new high despite the best efforst of libs and Mainstream Media to hurt him Click Here for Details

Democrats Finally Turn on Anti-Semite?

Ilhan Omar (Alex Wong / Getty)Democrats now beginning to turn on Rep Omar finally after her many anti-Semitic rants Click Here for Details

Numbers Are In: Coal Kept Furnaces Running During Polar Vortex

Wind production fell 79 percent over three coldest days

Michigan School Funding ‘Dead Last’? Watch That Methodology

Third in a series of how claims about public school revenue claims are often misleading

Wake Up Folks

Watch reactions of students once they learn what is in the New Green Deal Click Here for Story and Video

Moving the Goal Post

Dems aren’t seriously negotiating as they add new demands Click Here for Details

Trump Economy

American confidence in their personal finances is up Click Here for Story


Even experienced Democrat Politicians are falling for the Unicorn world of the New Green Deal Click Here for Details

Texas Will Handle the Wall?

Image result for border wall State legislators in Texas propose wall funding? Click Here for Story

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