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The Gift That Keeps on Coming

Bloomberg’s history of vocalizing inappropriate statements keeps coming back to haunt him Click Here for Story and Here for More Info and Video

Northam’s Setback

Image result for ralph northam Virginia gun back gets a rejection? Click Here for Details

Doubling Down on Government Preschool

New Whitmer pre-K proposal would further restrict family options

How Independent Will Michigan’s New Redistricting Commission Be? 

California’s experience provides cause for concern

Democrat Tax Plans

Where the 2020 Democrats stand on taxesHow would a Democrat affect your taxes? Click Here for Story

Covid-19 Origins?

The latest info on where the coronavirus may have come from Click Here for Details

Not Out of Woods?

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe (Photo by Saul Loeb/AFP via Getty Images) McCabe may still be on the hotseat ? Click Here for Story

FBI Spying

Rules broken as FBI used to spy on campaign of Democrat’s political adversaries Click Here for Details

Two Tiered Justice

Another court fails to bring justice Click Here for Story

Russian Carrier Damage

Kuznetsov Damage EstimateThe Carrier Kuznetsov is damaged but how badly?  Click Here for Details

Battling The Progressive History Change

New group tries to stop the twisting of history by the left Click Here for Details

Tweeting is Necessary

Nunes: Trump Has to Tweet Due to Hostile MediaWhen the media is 98% against you a President doesn’t have any other choice to battle the narrative of the left Click Here for Story


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