Tuesday February 19, 2019

Wide Open Border

Two top Democrats now say current border barriers should be removed Click Here for Story

Taxpayer Backlash Coming Over Billions In Amazon Subsidies

But the rebellion against corporate handouts hasn’t reached Michigan

If At First … Legislature Looking To Rein In Auto Insurance

Special interests halted past reform efforts

Sorry Nancy We Saw It Already

Nancy Pelosi deleted tweet over Smollett hoax attack Click Here for Details

Watch What the New AG Does

what to expect from William Barr and the DOJ Click Here for Story

Faking Attack Unacceptable

Al Sharpton and Jussie SmollettEven Al Sharpton sees hoax as a big problem Click Here for Details

Expose the Attempted Coup?

 Senator Graham wants testimony from McCabe and Rosenstein Click Here for Story

Solid Ground

Mike Rogers says the National Emergency Declaration for border is solid Click Here for Details

Defending the Border is the Oath a President Takes

POTUS needs to fulfill an obligation to protect Americans and the country Click Here for Details


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