Tuesday February 23, 2016

Don’t Run Gas Engines Indoors

Family dies from Monoxide poisoning after running generator indoors Click Here for Details

Michigan Public Schools Get More Money than Ever to Cover Operations

State dollars to cover operational costs are on the rise while the federal money has plummeted, according to a new state report. … more

Protecting Us from The Courts?

  House looks at splitting the 9th Circuit Court Click Here for Details

Trump Rolls with the Punches

Protestor turns out lights at Trump rally Click Here for Story and Video

Obama Wants Non-Citizens to Vote

Obama Admin looks to get non-citizens voting in elections Click Here for Details

Why We’re Losing Liberty 

link contributed by Pgh Expat



Illegal Immigrant Criminals Let Loose

Obama Admin endangering America Click Here for Story and Video

Saudis Cut Aid to Lebanon

  for supporting Hezbollah Click Here for Details

Hillary Vanillary

Hillary described as the milli vanilli of politics Click Here for Story and Video

Austria Building Fences

© Leonhard Foeger  New refugee caps are bringing criticism Click Here for Details

Feds Weak on Immigration

Failed to deport man 3 times before he murdered a woman Click Here for Story

Not Trustworthy

Clinton has a severe truth deficiency Click Here for Details video

Clinton Getting Special Treatment on Emails

Double standard is apparent in how Hillary is being treated for violating the law Click Here for Details and Video


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