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Iowa Caucus Results

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Dems Will Continue Nonsense After Acquittal

Image result for pelosi schiff nadler  Hating Trump is all the Democrats have Click Here for Story

A Legend Needs Your Prayers

Image result for rush limbaugh Talk Radio legend Rush Limbaugh announces he’s fighting lung cancer Click Here for Details

10 Years Of Michigan Capitol Confidential Online

If CapCon doesn’t report it, who will?

Ed Trust-Midwest Report Misses the Mark

Huge price tag obscured by exaggerated calls for equitable funding

Cranky Joe

Image result for mean joe biden  Biden snapping at the media Click Here for Details


Democrats looking for anyone who can beat POTUS Click Here for Details

Space Wars?

Russia satellite Russia stalking US satellites Click Here for Story

King of Liars

Adam Schiff still spewing lie that Trump is cheating in Election Click Here for Details

The Right Answer

Senator Graham says Impeachment will only end if America throws the Democrats out of of office Click Here for Details and Video


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