Tuesday February 5, 2019

Not Looking Out for Americans

Dems now pushing Obama era aid for illegal immigrants Click Here for Story

Diversity Programs Big Business at U-M

University pays $11 million to 93 diversity program administrators

Get Used to It

The wonderful world of energy rationing

The Ultimate in Stupidity

Nope its not Nancy Pelosi Click Here for Story

Russia’s New Weapon

Hallucinating and vomiting are effects Click Here for Details

Jabba The Putz Weighs In on Northam Scandal

 Michael Moore chastises Dems for electing a moderate Democrat? Click Here for Story

The Price of Pro Choice

Northam’s racist photos released due to his stand for abortion ? Click Here for Details

Democrats Always Embrace Blackface

Long list of liberals who have used black face for comedy and other situations Click Here for Story

Eating Their Own?

Lt Governor of Virginia now facing his own scandal? Click Here for Details

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