Tuesday January 1, 2019

New Year’s Day

Image result for new years day Welcoming in 2019

When Will Americans Become a Priority?

Democrat policies of no border control and sanctuary is killing American citizens Click Here for Story

CapCon’s Top 10 2018 Stories

Wind-farm resistance, cops see the green, school-employee poor-mouthing, more

Michigan’s Electric Companies Sign Onto Green Agenda

Expect costlier and less reliable electric power supplies

Import 3rd World Become 3rd World

New Years stabbing In UK now labeled as terror attack Click Here for Story

Alternative Energy Bill Veto

Michigan’s Governor Snyder vetoes tax exemption for alternative energy Click Here for Details

Federal Employee Union Sue Over Shutdown

Are Federal unions ok with no border security? Click Here for Details

Shallow Bench?

The top 10 contenders for the Democrat Presidential run in 2020 Click Here for Story and Video

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