Tuesday January 22, 2019

Russia Weighs In

We didn’t talk to Trump about real estate deal Click Here for Story

Covington Student Speaks Out

Defends himself against the Fake News Click Here for Details

More Budget Reform Ideas for 2019

Plenty of useless spending can be cut this year

Right-To-Work Repeal Bill Denies Government Workers’ Civil Rights

Michigan Dem’s legislation appears to defy US Supreme Court’s 2018 Janus ruling

Democrat Hypocrisy

Investigate Thee  but not me? Click Here for Details

Another Dem in the 2020 Race

Kamala Harris throws hat in the ring Click Here for Story

Hates America?

 Rep Clyburn says a permanent wall to protect America is a non-starter? Click Here for Details

Why We Need the Wall

Bus Drops Migrant Group to cross unsecured section of Arizona border Watch as bus unloads migrants to cross into US where there is no wall Click Here for Story

Judges Gone Wild

Liberal judges are exceeding their authority to stop border control Click Here for Details




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