Tuesday January 28, 2014

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Counting Snow Days

How close is your school to the limit? Click Here for Story

Join the Losing Ticket?

  Candidate Schauer looks for running mate Click Here for Details

Advocates of More Education Spending Ignoring Billions in Other Funds

State funding allowance only part of the money schools get for expenses

By Tom Gantert | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Advocates for more state funding for K-12 public education are ignoring $2 billion in additional state education funding — as much as 30 percent of state funding for some school districts. This $2 billion is not a part of the state foundation allowance. … more

The Certificate of Need ‘CON’ Job

Regulation increases health care costs 11 percent

By Jack McHugh |Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

In the perverse world of health care, Certificate of Need laws, which force hospitals and clinics to get government approval before they expand or acquire new technology, increase costs and hurt consumers. … more

Are the GOP Ready to Cave on Immigration?

Rumors abound on Republicans willing to give in on Immigration Reform Click Here for Details

Bypasser in Chief

  Obama will double down on bypassing congress with regulations and executive orders Click Here for Story

John Kerry’s Foreign Policy Success?

  Iranians now talking about full battle against US? Click Here for Story

Revolving Door

  Released prisoners becomes dangerous insurgents Click Here for Details

Will GOP Stand Up to Debt Ceiling Request?

Senator McConnell says Republicans won’t just give in on debt ceiling? Click Here for Story

Trouble in the House

   Obama’s pot comments don’t sit well with head of DEA Click Here for Details

Phone Apps Hurt Privacy?

Some Apps help gather data Click Here for Details

Turth Hurts?

  New Poll shows majority of Americans have no faith in Obama as President Click Here for Details


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