Tuesday January 8, 2019

POTUS to The People

The President will address nation on border security on prime time television Click Here for Story

Why ARE We Funding the Nation of Islam?

GOP lawmaker calls for end to federal funding for hate group Click Here for Story

TV Networks Consider Not Airing President’s Border Address?

Would be a final blow to the credibility of the mainstream media Click Here for Details

A Third Of New School Hires Choose 2017 Reform’s Traditional Pension Option

But new employee burden sharing requirements make repeat of old system’s underfunding less likely

Restricting Homeschool Freedom Won’t Make Children Safer

Misguided calls for regulation lack convincing evidence

Hypocrite Democrats

Chicago Gun Grabbing politician arrested for corruption guess how many guns were in his office? Click Here for Details and Video

Time to Retire

Ruth Bader GinsburgJustice Ginsburg won’t sit for SCOTUS arguments? Click Here for Story

Hmmm… Guess Who Is Discriminated Against?

Study reveals odd finding in who really gets discriminated against globally Click Here for Details

Impeachment of Trump Impossible

 Democrats are looking for publicity and politics in ridiculous impeachment talk Click Here for Story

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