Tuesday July 10, 2018

It’s Kavanaugh

Donald TrumpPOTUS picks Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court Click Here for Story

Better Off

New poll shows people are better of under Trump than Obama Click Here for Details

Violent Left

Increasing violence from the left Click Here for Story

Creative Farming

Hydroponics business has new twist Click Here for Story

How Business Subsidies Cut to the Front of the Line for Michigan Tax Dollars

 State politicians finalized the budget for next year, pledging to spend $57 billion, of which $23 billion comes from the federal government. Businesses that made special deals with the state, however, get favored treatment.  … more

Data Disputes Group’s Claim That Bad Roads Cost Michigan Motorists

 A 2015 report from a road builders’ interest group claimed that Michigan motorists pay as much as $866 extra every year for vehicle repairs due to the state’s bad roads. But government statistics reviewed by Michigan Capitol Confidential indicate motorists pay far less. … more

Trudeau and The #METOO

Woman allegedly groped by Canadian PM breaks her silence Click Here for Story

China Working Against US?

Is China pushing North Korea to be uncooperative? Click Here for Story

Brexit Problems Worsen

Another minister quits Click Here for Details

Bishops vs Senate

US Bishops warns Dem senators Click Here for Story

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