Tuesday July 25, 2017

Kushner Testifies, Speaks…

Unlike Democrats who plead 5th or don’t show to testify

Why Won’t Senators Vote for Debate?

Whether you like repeal or not healthcare deserves a debate Click Here for Story

Novi Community Schools Received 952 Applicants For One Teaching Job

  Novi Superintendent Steve Matthews gives his response to whether there is a teacher shortage in Michigan. … more

Despite Claims, There Is No Teacher Shortage in Michigan

  A principal at a Michigan public school claimed that the state has a teacher shortage. But that district received on average 41 applicants for every teaching job it advertised. … more

Threat from Gutierrez?

Democrat Rep. Gutierrez tells church that Trump must be ‘eliminated’ from presidency  Dem Congressman threatening Trump in front of church goers? Click Here for Story and Video

Could Cruz Replace Sessions?

More rumors on a new AG Click Here for Details and Video


  Rep Keith Ellison shows his stupidity again Click Here for Story

This IS Islam…

Sheikh Ammar Shahin Islamic Center of Davis (Davis Masjid / Screenshot / YouTube) And its violence is being spread in the US Click Here for Details

Chuck Schumer Admission?

Says Dems and Hillary need to take ownership for loss Click Here for Story

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