Tuesday July 3, 2018

GOP Struggles on Immigration

What will it take for GOP to get a deal together ? Click Here for Story

Where Be the Drinkers?

Where is the most liquor sold in Michigan? Click Here for Story

Another Michigan School Expert Misstates, Lowballs Taxpayer Contributions

Jack Smith, a professor of educational psychology at Michigan State University, recently claimed that inadequate school funding is one reason for poor academic performance by public schools in this state. … more

Terror Plot Thwarted

FBI: July 4 terror plot planned for Cleveland — but the agency busted suspect’s plansPlan for terror activity in Cleveland busted Click Here for Story

Mexico Elects New President

Will he be better or worse to deal with? Click Here for Details and Video

Well Done

Eric TrumpEric Trump rushes into traffic to help ailing woman? Click Here for Story

Liberals Aren’t So Liberal

A group of protesters dressed in black with their mouths taped shut march along Miami's beach streets April 25, 2000 in Miami, FL. Several area businesses closed for the day while impromptu demonstrations erupted to protest Elian Gonzalez's removal from his Miami relative's home by federal authorities on Saturday April …Liberals No longer advocating freedom of speech? Click Here for Details


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